Favorite Foundations

To me, foundation is one of the most important aspects of my makeup.  I love a flawless skin look…but my skin is nowhere near flawless so I am in constant pursuit of a product that can improve the appearance of my skin without looking too heavy.  Finding the right color and formula for your skin […]

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Getting Naked

Here I go again, getting Naked!  It started with the very first Naked eyeshadow palette.  It was a cult favorite.  The queen of eyeshadow palettes that took the Urban Decay brand to a whole new level.  Every beauty junkie had it.  Except me.  Every time I strolled through Ulta or Sephora, I’d take a look […]

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What A Difference A Day Makes!

Yesterday, I told you about my fun score of makeup goodies at Dollar Tree.  Well, today, I scored at the polar opposite of Dollar Tree…Neiman Marcus.  Otherwise known as Needless Markup.  Sorry for the rude name calling, Neiman’s.  I still love you!  This bag of treats was way more fun for me but a LOT […]

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