Complete Your Costume With Color Contacts

Want to take your Halloween costume to the next level?  One super fun way to completely transform your look is to change your eye color.  You will be amazed by the difference it makes!  A few years ago, I wanted to to change my dark eyes to light blue when I dressed up like Cinderella. […]

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What A Difference A Day Makes!

Yesterday, I told you about my fun score of makeup goodies at Dollar Tree.  Well, today, I scored at the polar opposite of Dollar Tree…Neiman Marcus.  Otherwise known as Needless Markup.  Sorry for the rude name calling, Neiman’s.  I still love you!  This bag of treats was way more fun for me but a LOT […]

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Snapshot Sunday

Hot coffee.  Favorite mug.  Comfy couch.  Cozy blanket.  Sunny window. Favorite music.  And pictures.  Lots and lots of pretty pictures!  My favorite way to spend a winter Sunday morning is to snuggle up with all of those things and my laptop; then wander my way through the virtual world, feasting on eye candy.  Through captivating […]

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