How To Make Your Lips Look Larger

It’s almost Valentine’s Day so it’s a good time to get those lips looking luscious!  In my previous post, I gave tips for how to care for your lips and keep them looking youthful.  Now let’s talk about how to make your lips look larger and more plump!

lipscollage copy

Begin by caring for your lips in the ways I mentioned in my last post.  When you are applying your makeup, do your lipstick last.  While you are putting on the rest of your makeup, put on a clear lip plumper so that your lips will plump up a bit while you are getting ready.  I use Sally Hansen Lip Inflation.  It tingles and it tastes a bit like cinnamon.  When it is time to do your lips, wipe off the lip plumper completely.  I use those little Almay makeup remover pads.  Just make sure you are starting with a clean slate.  I will write a list of all the products I used at the end in order to simplify the step-by-step instructions.  Okay, let’s do this!   Read More

Tips For Lips

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so let’s get those lips looking super smoochable in time for Cupid’s big day!

Luscious, full lips are a prominent indicator of attractiveness.  A plump pout is seen as a sign of youthfulness and fertility (aka sex appeal).  One look at Scarlet Johansson and you will know exactly what I’m talking about!  For those of us who were not blessed with such pout perfection, thankfully, there are other options out there.  scarlett-johansson-105a

As I was writing everything I want to tell you about lips, I realized this post was getting so long that I got worried you would fall asleep on me!  So I will break it up into two parts.  This post will be about how to avoid things that make lips look less youthful and voluptuous.  Part 2 will focus on how to apply makeup so that your lips look fuller.  Think of it as sort of a Do’s and Don’ts list, only in reverse!

Let’s start with some no-no’s that will completely obliterate the luscious, full and youthful look:  Read More

Aging With Grace AND Beauty!

Most of the time, I wander through my daily life happily in denial of how old I’m getting.  I mean serious denial.  I still feel like a young person on the inside so it’s pretty easy to do if I avoid the mirrors in my house. Problem is that there are lots of mirrors in my house. And my car. And at the mall.  Even that freezer door at the grocery store decides to remind me sometimes. Not to mention my kids are a glaring reflection of how old I’m getting.  Especially since two of the three are already taller than me (and I’m 5’9″)!  Today, I haven’t even seen a mirror yet but the whole aging thing is impossible to deny. You see, two women that I really admire have really got me thinking…

Everyday, my favorite email comes from my most adored beauty blogger, Cara Brook from Maskcara.  You probably already know about this enchanting sweetheart of a blogger who spreads beauty knowledge with a healthy dose of love and positivity on her blog.  My kind of girl!  Although she is young and gorgeous, today her blog post was about being beautiful at any age.  The post features Mother Theresa and Audrey Hepburn, both of whom were so beautiful on the inside that you couldn’t help but see them any other way, no matter how “old” they were in the pictures.  Reading through the comments on this article there were a few women who mentioned things along the lines of wanting to fight the aging process.  I doubt anyone would deny that beauty on the inside is what matters most.  If you are ugly on the inside, you can’t possibly be beautiful on the outside.  It’s just that in addition to working on the inside piece, a lot of women today want to continue to be beautiful (at any age) on the outside as well. Read More

Super Bowl Was Super Cool!

Two years ago I had the pleasure of going to Superbowl XLVI in Indianapolis.  What a weekend!  My husband and I went with friends who were well connected so it was V.I.P. all the way.  We had an Escalade limo and driver at our disposal the entire time and he expertly navigated us through the crowds for three days and nights of over the top fun parties.  The level of detail at the parties was incredible!  The best part for me were all of the amazing concerts that they had at the parties.  Well, that, and having an excuse to buy a whole slew of new outfits for the occasion!

Everywhere we went, there were tons of people all over the streets just looking for celebrity sightings.  When we would pull up in the limo, the crowds would gather around to see if we were “somebody”. When we got out of the car, sometimes the spectators were disappointed when they saw us and their let down was almost audible.  Other times, people would be confused and actually think that we were “somebody” and they would take our photos and talk excitedly, making guesses about who we were. Maybe those were the big drinkers in town because clearly, we are “nobody”.  But it sure was fun feeling special for a few days!  The excitement and energy of the crowd was contagious!

The photos I have aren’t very good quality but you get a feel for the energy and excitement there!  I enjoyed looking through them today and reminiscing…   Read More

What A Difference A Day Makes!

Yesterday, I told you about my fun score of makeup goodies at Dollar Tree.  Well, today, I scored at the polar opposite of Dollar Tree…Neiman Marcus.  Otherwise known as Needless Markup.  Sorry for the rude name calling, Neiman’s.  I still love you!  This bag of treats was way more fun for me but a LOT less fun for my wallet.  I wonder if my husband will go along with my theory that I saved so much at the dollar store that I should go ahead and splurge at Neiman’s.  I’m guessing not.  I must remember to tell him that they also gave me a free bottle of water.

Before my damage at Dollar Tree and Neiman Marcus, I also made a little (okay, big) trip to Ulta.  So… I decided that maybe one of those fun “haul” videos on my YouTube Channel is in order.  Therefore, I just took a photo of my new friends, still in their boxes, and I will unveil them in the video along with all my other new bff’s from around the shopping gambit.  Stay tuned for that!  In the meantime, here’s a little eye candy to tie you over…

Chanel & Cle de Peu Eye Candy

Dollar $tore $core!


Who knew that when I went into Dollar Tree for Valentine’s Day stuff that I would be walking out with makeup instead?  Well, okay, I admit it’s not that far of a stretch.  I just had no idea that the dollar store would have any makeup that I would actually be really excited about buying (even at regular price)! Read More

Things That Make Me Go (:

Rose gold.  I have a bit of a crush on it.  Okay, fine, borderline obsession.  I mean, it’s pink and gold mixed together… it doesn’t get much better than that!  One of the few things that actually is better than that is, of course, glitter. (Duh.)  So when I saw this wallet from Kate Spade, it went straight to the top of my Christmas list!  My sweet kiddos got it for me and I love it!  It makes me smile every time I pull it out of my purse.  Partially because my sweet kiddos got it for me and partially because…did I mention it’s rose gold and glittery?!  I guess it comes as no surprise that I also picked out a glittery rose gold nail polish when I decided to give the Sephora Formula X Nail Polish System a try. Today, when I pulled out my wallet (there’s that smile I mentioned) someone told me that my nail polish matches my wallet.  I hadn’t realized that before (smile turns into huge grin).  I thought of pointing out the fact that my eyeshadow (Naked 3 palette) matches too but I was trying to appear somewhat normal.  On the inside though, my rose-gold-glitter-obsessed-smile-turned-huge-grin, burst into a little giggle!  Because that’s what girls with crushes do.  (:


Snapshot Sunday


Hot coffee.  Favorite mug.  Comfy couch.  Cozy blanket.  Sunny window. Favorite music.  And pictures.  Lots and lots of pretty pictures!  My favorite way to spend a winter Sunday morning is to snuggle up with all of those things and my laptop; then wander my way through the virtual world, feasting on eye candy.  Through captivating images, I might find myself living vicariously through someone sailing through the Caribbean, learning makeup tricks from the pretty people, or drooling over dazzling fashion captured on streets of Paris.  I can get lost for hours, marveling at the beauty of the world. My love of photography started as a teenager when my father showed me how to manually focus his new camera.  I was hooked!  Ever since then I see the world in snapshots.  My hobby turned professional when I started a photography company right after college.  Today, photography is just a hobby again but it will always be a passion.  For me, a cell phone with a good camera is the best invention ever!  Nothing beats my digital SLR but I love being able to easily capture moments in time or snippets of gorgeousness, anytime, anywhere.  Not to mention I can snack on a little eye candy from my phone as well!  Do you love pretty pictures too?  Find me on Pinterest and Instagram so we can share!  In the meantime, here are couple of pieces of candy for you from my own stash.  Read More

Getting Ready With Girlfriends


Throwback Thursday to last summer…this is my best friend and I in a cab on our way to the Beyoncé concert.  My sweet hubby gave us tickets and a hotel room for our birthdays.  We decided to go to the hotel early and get ready together in our room.  Today when I came across this photo, it reminded me that little “makeup party” is one of the major reasons I decided to start a beauty blog.  We had so much fun laughing and showing each other all of our makeup and techniques, that we barely made it to dinner before the show.  Okay, the champagne might have had a little to do with that too! Nonetheless, getting ready (which is often a chore) was so much more fun when we did it together.  I want this blog to be an online version of all of us getting ready together!  Let’s have fun sharing tips and product reviews.  If you want to drink champagne while we do it, I’m all for it. 🙂  The other reason that little champagne swilling, makeup love fest prompted me to start blogging is because my best friend told me I should.  (I sure hope it wasn’t the champagne talking!)  You see, she is a model (Ford Model Management) so she gets her makeup done by professional makeup artists all the time.  But she told me that she learned more from me in that one afternoon than she ever has in her career.  Wow!  That made me so happy!  That said, I fully realize that all those pro makeup artists know way more than I do. I guess the difference is that she just liked talking about it, in an interactive and girl chat kind of way.  That is my vision for this blog too…women learning from each other and having fun while doing it!

PS- if you don’t have a best friend, really make an effort to find someone you can develop that type of relationship with over time.  The trust, loyalty and unconditional love that come from an intimate friendship is truly one of the greatest gifts in life!  Going through life with a best friend makes everything better!

Don’t Be So Nose-y!

I don’t mean that in a “mind your own business” kind of way.  I’m talking about how to make your nose look, well, not so “nose-y”!  It seems that most people would like their nose to appear smaller and/or straighter.  It’s probably fine and I doubt most people notice the flaws that you see in yourself.  But hey, if you’re going to put on makeup because it makes you feel better then you may as well add a little nose job with a makeup brush while you’re at it!  Now, be forewarned that just like a surgical nose job, it’s going to look worse before it gets better!  Don’t let the graphic image below scare you.  Trust me, it will be worth it in the end.


I cropped this image to just show the nose because I’m not going to get into full face highlighting and contouring right now.  Baby steps.  Nose job today, full facelift another day!  For now let’s talk about how to slim that schnoz! Read More