Hi there! Welcome to Twirly Skirt!  As a former model and lifelong princess-wanna-be, I have always been a beauty junkie!  Friends, family and even strangers are constantly asking me for advice on products and techniques.  I decided that a blog would be the perfect way to share my knowledge with them as well as any other beauty junkies (like me!) who enjoy trolling the internet in search of great tips and tricks.  If you have something to add, please chime in with comments or contact me using the form below.  I would love for you to play along so that I can learn from you!

Other randomness about me… I live with my hubby, three kiddos, a giant furball, and lots and lots of flowers.  I am a shopaholic. If there is a recovery program for that, I don’t want to know about it!  I am also addicted to social media.  Instead of watching TV, I watch YouTube.  I could get lost in blogs, Instagram or Pinterest for hours.  Other obsessions include photography and travel.  I am in love with summer, music and vanilla vodka.  I collect journals even though I don’t write in them, antique books even though I don’t read them, and school supplies even though I don’t go to school.  I am infatuated with tiaras like a three year old girl.  I am highly energetic but super laid back.  My favorite shoes are sparkly stilettos but I get excited to wear cowboy boots once in a while.  I change purses and phone cases to match my outfits.  I am happiest when I make people laugh.  I am intoxicated by words.  My family and friends mean the world to me.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little bit.  I hope to see you around here and all of my social media sites so that I can get to know you too.  Let’s be friends!