My Liebster Award


Thank you to LizzieLeee for nominating me for the Liebster Award!  This is so much fun!  What a lovely way to get to know people better and to find some wonderful, new blogs to follow.  This is how it works:

There are a few easy rules you must follow to participate:

1.  Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you and display the award.

2.  Answer eleven questions that the blogger gives you.

3.  Give eleven random facts about yourself–they can be anything!

4. Nominate eleven blogs that you think are deserving of the award (but they must have less than 200 followers)

5. Let the bloggers know you nominated them.

6.  Give them eleven questions to answer.

Here goes!

Questions from LizzieLeee and my answers:  

1.) Is this your first foray into the world of blogging?  Yep!

2.) Why did you start your current blog?  I love researching makeup techniques, beauty tips, anti-aging secrets.  People often ask me for advice on those topics so I thought blogging would be an good way to share it with them and anyone else who is interested.  I love writing and photography so it also seemed like a fun creative outlet for me.

3.) What are your interests and hobbies outside of blogging?  I enjoy photography and travel.

4.) Do you have any pets?  I have a giant, fluffy fur ball aka Golden Retriever.

5.) What sort of camera do you use?  For photos I use a Nikon D90.  I also just got a new Canon video camera for recording YouTube videos.

6.) What are your favorite genres of music?  I love almost all music so it’s hard to choose just one!  If I had to narrow it down, I would say pop and country are my two favorites.

7.) What’s your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality type? Or if you’re not familiar with that, how would you describe your personality and demeanor?

8.) How extensively do you research something before buying it? How large or small of a role does branding and packaging play in your decision to purchase a product?  Not very extensively at all!  If I read or hear good things about a product, I always want to try it for myself!  I am trying to get better about asking for samples to try at home first if it is something I’m not positive about…but that’s not going very well thus far.  I’m rather impulsive when it comes to shopping!  Brand and packaging doesn’t always matter but sometimes it certainly does make things more appealing.

9.) Did you grow up using computers, or delve into the digital world later in life?  I started using computers in high school.  They weren’t really around before that in my lifetime.  My kids cannot even wrap their heads around that!

10.) Do you prefer neutrals or bright colors?  Mostly neutrals but I like more color in the spring and summer.

11.) Felines or canines?  Canines.  I’m violently allergic to felines so that’s not even remotely an option.

11 Random Things About Me:

  1. My husband and I have been together since my freshman year in college, which was a really long time ago (way more than half my life)!
  2. The things I am most proud of (by far!) are my 3 children.  They are really great kids and I adore them!
  3. I love it when I can make people laugh.
  4. I am shy in a really weird way.  I would rather speak on stage in front of thousands of people than to one person across a desk.
  5. I am intoxicated by words.  Quotes, lyrics, little love notes and sappy greeting cards make me swoon!
  6. I have been told I have a good singing voice but I have an irrational fear and distain for karaoke.
  7. I am cold if it is below 78 degrees.  I should really move somewhere warm!
  8. If it is pink or sparkly, I want it.  I know it’s childish but I can’t help it.
  9. I am 5’9″.  When I was young I didn’t like being tall and everyone told me I would like it when I got older.  They were right.
  10. I am attracted to good “energy”.  I like being in places that have a good vibe like concerts and major league sporting events.  I only like to be around people who are upbeat and positive.  “Debbie Downer” types make me want to run away.
  11. Being outside in the warm sunshine makes me really happy!

Wow!  Who knew it would be so hard to think of 11 random things about me?!  I hope you’re still with me!

Here are the questions I have created for my nominees to answer:

  1. Name one of your favorite people to follow in each of these categories:  blog, YouTube Channel, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter
  2. Where do you get inspiration for your blog posts?
  3. Do you collect anything?
  4. Describe your ideal weekend night.
  5. What song(s) would you listen to while laying on the beach?
  6. Morning or night?  Dress or pants?  Sweet or salty?  Boots or flipflops?
  7. Do all of your friends and family know about your blog?
  8. Name a few beauty products (makeup or skincare) that you re-purchase.
  9. What’s your favorite quote?
  10. If someone gave you $500 and said you had to spend it in one day, what is the first store you would go to?
  11. Name one thing on your bucket list.

Most of the blogs I follow are already well established so I turned to my Instagram followers to find other new bloggers.  Here is who I found and nominate:

The goal of this award is to connect people so be sure to check out these blogs and follow them.  I hope to see you around my blog and all around my cyber world.  I’d love to get to know you better!  Thanks for hanging out here today!  xoxo

5 Comments on “My Liebster Award

  1. Thought I’d pop over and say thanks over here, too! I enjoyed reading your answers and looking forward to reading more from your blog. Also excited to check out my fellow nominees’ blogs. Happy times!


    Liked by 1 person

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