My B-day!

Thanks to my incredible family and friends, this birthday lasted the whole weekend long…

It started on Friday evening when my best friend came over to get ready with me.  I love doing that.  All that time spent primping is so much more fun with a little champagne and a lot of girl talk!


Then we went and met some of our closest girlfriends for drinks and yummy dinner.  They spoiled me with sweet presents of beautiful jewelry and my favorite perfumes.  I am so lucky to have such a wonderful group of girlfriends!


Saturday was my actual birthday and it started with a phone call from my amazing parents at precisely the time I was born (8:56 AM, I think.  My mom was there for the labor and delivery, so she remembers exactly what time that hell ended).  That evening I celebrated by eating waaay too much delicious food at dinner with my husband, kids, parents and in-laws.  It’s true that calories don’t count on your birthday, right?! My hubby and kids gave me a gorgeous Gucci bag (I haven’t taken a picture of it yet but you know I will)!  If you follow me on Instagram, then you have already seen this over-the-top sensational mirror that my parents gave me (among other super cute things…yes, they spoil me)!  I can’t wait to take some sparkly selfies with this new gem!


Here’s a cute story.  One day last week, my 12 year old son asked me who my favorite YouTube personality is.  I thought he was just making polite conversation but I later learned the truth.  He wanted to know so that he could write to her and ask her to give me a “shout out” for my birthday.  How adorable is he?!  Of course, the beauty guru’s manager wrote back and said she can’t do that but that’s not the point.  I was totally teary-eyed when he told me all the trouble he went to trying to make that happen for me.  So sweet.

The best part of birthdays is feeling loved.  All the thoughtful messages, calls and cards mean so much.  I am incredibly blessed with really special parents, husband, kids, family and friends.  They are the very best gift of all!

The next day the birthday bash continued with my very first Oscars Viewing Party so stay tuned for that…

4 Comments on “My B-day!”

  1. I love your posts your mom told me about it today. Happy belated birthday. I remember the day you were born and your dad was at grandma’s an

    Deciding on the spelling of your name I was 13 when I became your aunt what a great honor that has been. Love, aunt Chris


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