Dollar $tore $core!


Who knew that when I went into Dollar Tree for Valentine’s Day stuff that I would be walking out with makeup instead?  Well, okay, I admit it’s not that far of a stretch.  I just had no idea that the dollar store would have any makeup that I would actually be really excited about buying (even at regular price)!


I almost squealed in delight when I saw this baby sparkling at me!  Milani is one of my favorite “drugstore” brands.  I already have one of these shadows and I love it!  There is more to this applicator than it’s cute and curvy shape!  The design fits the eye in a way that makes application easier.  The sponge tip can be used wet to intensify the color of the shadow when you wanna glam out.  The brush tip will swipe a hint of this fairy dust across your lid for days when you are flying under the radar.  All that, AND this shadow happens to be in the perfect shade of Radiant Orchid (Pantone’s 2014 Color Of The Year)!  So grab a buck and RUN, don’t walk to your nearest Dollar Tree and get one.  The color is called Royal.  Of course!    Image

I was happy to see these lovely lippies hanging out at the Dollar Tree too.  I am almost out of my favorite lip liner (MAC in color Whirl) and I haven’t had time to run to a department store to pick it up. So I thought maybe this Milani one could tie me over for a couple days.  What a nice surprise this liner is.  Once again, Milani does not disappoint!  I find the consistency to be just like my favorite MAC liner (I like a hard liner that goes on still goes on smoothly).  The color, Satin Rose, is a little different than my beloved Whirl but it is darn close to another MAC fave, Spice.  That’s a win!  The Elf Super Glossy Lip Shine caught my eye because I have been wanting to get a white gloss to be used for highlighting the lips.  I plan to do a blog and/or video on how to make your lips look bigger so stay tuned for more details to come on that!


How fun at these little confetti cuties?!  Even the containers are adorable!  I can’t wait to try these out on my nails.  First up will be those pink hearts on Valentine’s Day!  My other favorites are the lilac flowers and the Tiffany blue circles.  Who knew a dollar could buy so much fun?!  Go clean out the stray coins floating around the bottom of your purse, head to the dollar store and have a blast!

What’s the best thing you ever scored at the dollar store?

1 Comments on “Dollar $tore $core!”

  1. Hi! as promised I came to check you out! I love shopping at the Dollar Tree! You never know what kind of great deals and things you are going to find. Thank you so much for visiting my blog I am going to follow you on google +.


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