Things That Make Me Go (:

Rose gold.  I have a bit of a crush on it.  Okay, fine, borderline obsession.  I mean, it’s pink and gold mixed together… it doesn’t get much better than that!  One of the few things that actually is better than that is, of course, glitter. (Duh.)  So when I saw this wallet from Kate Spade, it went straight to the top of my Christmas list!  My sweet kiddos got it for me and I love it!  It makes me smile every time I pull it out of my purse.  Partially because my sweet kiddos got it for me and partially because…did I mention it’s rose gold and glittery?!  I guess it comes as no surprise that I also picked out a glittery rose gold nail polish when I decided to give the Sephora Formula X Nail Polish System a try. Today, when I pulled out my wallet (there’s that smile I mentioned) someone told me that my nail polish matches my wallet.  I hadn’t realized that before (smile turns into huge grin).  I thought of pointing out the fact that my eyeshadow (Naked 3 palette) matches too but I was trying to appear somewhat normal.  On the inside though, my rose-gold-glitter-obsessed-smile-turned-huge-grin, burst into a little giggle!  Because that’s what girls with crushes do.  (:


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