Snapshot Sunday


Hot coffee.  Favorite mug.  Comfy couch.  Cozy blanket.  Sunny window. Favorite music.  And pictures.  Lots and lots of pretty pictures!  My favorite way to spend a winter Sunday morning is to snuggle up with all of those things and my laptop; then wander my way through the virtual world, feasting on eye candy.  Through captivating images, I might find myself living vicariously through someone sailing through the Caribbean, learning makeup tricks from the pretty people, or drooling over dazzling fashion captured on streets of Paris.  I can get lost for hours, marveling at the beauty of the world. My love of photography started as a teenager when my father showed me how to manually focus his new camera.  I was hooked!  Ever since then I see the world in snapshots.  My hobby turned professional when I started a photography company right after college.  Today, photography is just a hobby again but it will always be a passion.  For me, a cell phone with a good camera is the best invention ever!  Nothing beats my digital SLR but I love being able to easily capture moments in time or snippets of gorgeousness, anytime, anywhere.  Not to mention I can snack on a little eye candy from my phone as well!  Do you love pretty pictures too?  Find me on Pinterest and Instagram so we can share!  In the meantime, here are couple of pieces of candy for you from my own stash. 


^ The dressing table in my guest bedroom (along with a few of my favorite toys).


^ The mirrors in my daughter’s bathroom.  Yes, I am living out my princess fantasy through her!  😉

Happy Sunday!

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