Getting Ready With Girlfriends


Throwback Thursday to last summer…this is my best friend and I in a cab on our way to the Beyoncé concert.  My sweet hubby gave us tickets and a hotel room for our birthdays.  We decided to go to the hotel early and get ready together in our room.  Today when I came across this photo, it reminded me that little “makeup party” is one of the major reasons I decided to start a beauty blog.  We had so much fun laughing and showing each other all of our makeup and techniques, that we barely made it to dinner before the show.  Okay, the champagne might have had a little to do with that too! Nonetheless, getting ready (which is often a chore) was so much more fun when we did it together.  I want this blog to be an online version of all of us getting ready together!  Let’s have fun sharing tips and product reviews.  If you want to drink champagne while we do it, I’m all for it. 🙂  The other reason that little champagne swilling, makeup love fest prompted me to start blogging is because my best friend told me I should.  (I sure hope it wasn’t the champagne talking!)  You see, she is a model (Ford Model Management) so she gets her makeup done by professional makeup artists all the time.  But she told me that she learned more from me in that one afternoon than she ever has in her career.  Wow!  That made me so happy!  That said, I fully realize that all those pro makeup artists know way more than I do. I guess the difference is that she just liked talking about it, in an interactive and girl chat kind of way.  That is my vision for this blog too…women learning from each other and having fun while doing it!

PS- if you don’t have a best friend, really make an effort to find someone you can develop that type of relationship with over time.  The trust, loyalty and unconditional love that come from an intimate friendship is truly one of the greatest gifts in life!  Going through life with a best friend makes everything better!

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