Don’t Be So Nose-y!

I don’t mean that in a “mind your own business” kind of way.  I’m talking about how to make your nose look, well, not so “nose-y”!  It seems that most people would like their nose to appear smaller and/or straighter.  It’s probably fine and I doubt most people notice the flaws that you see in yourself.  But hey, if you’re going to put on makeup because it makes you feel better then you may as well add a little nose job with a makeup brush while you’re at it!  Now, be forewarned that just like a surgical nose job, it’s going to look worse before it gets better!  Don’t let the graphic image below scare you.  Trust me, it will be worth it in the end.


I cropped this image to just show the nose because I’m not going to get into full face highlighting and contouring right now.  Baby steps.  Nose job today, full facelift another day!  For now let’s talk about how to slim that schnoz!


  • Countour: Cream or powder makeup in a matte (no shimmer or sparkle), muddy, brown color that is two shades darker than your skin.  This could be a powder, concealer, matte bronzer, foundation or even eyeshadow.
  • Highlight:  Cream or powder (use the same type as the contour color so that they are blendable) in a color two shades lighter than your skin.  A little shimmer or sheen is okay in a highlight color.  Just make sure it matches your skin tone.  Some have pink undertones and some are more golden.  Choose one in the same color family as your foundation.  A highlighter could be a product specifically made for highlighting, or you can use concealer, foundation or powder.
  • Small thin brush, blending brush, Beauty Blender sponge

Nose Contouring:

  1. Using a small, thin brush, and your contour color, draw a thin line along the sides of the nose.  Fan out the top line to blend into the eyebrow.  Bring the bottom line into triangle point at the center of the nose.
  2. Blend the lines with a blending brush until the lines are softened.
  3. Using a small, thin brush; apply the highlight color in a line down the center of the nose.   Take care to keep the line straight.
  4. Blend highlight with a small blending brush until the line is softened.
  5. Use the Beauty Blender sponge to gently press and pat the nose to blend thoroughly.  Do not swipe the sponge or all your careful application will be smeared.
  6. Set with translucent powder by lightly patting on with a fluffy brush.  Again, no swiping! (Anyone else hear the Dora show in their head when they read “no swiping”?!)
  7. Prepare to answer questions about if you had rhinoplasty surgery recently!

This technique takes some time to master but it is well worth it!  It is definitely a noticeable difference.  So when someone asks you if you had a nose job…just tell them to mind their own business!  😉

Check out my “nose job” in the before and after pictures below.



To see how I do this in real time, check out the video tutorial on YouTube:

I hope you find this little secret helpful!  Do you have any favorite makeup tricks??  Share with me in comments below!

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